TV Tropes Deletes Every Rape Trope; Geek Feminism Wiki steps in

Up until a week ago, TV Tropes had a very handy trope index called Rape Tropes. (Note: all TVT rape trope pages in this article link, ironically, to Google caches.) This page also linked to other iterations of rape tropes in popular culture such as Rape as Backstory, Rape and Switch, Rape as Drama, Rape as Redemption, and other rape tropes common in the pop culture idiom. Today when you access any of these pages, you’re informed, "We do not want a page on this topic. It does not meet our content policy." Recently on the discussion thread for combining the “Victim falls for Rapist” trope with the “Rape as Stockholm Syndrome” trope under the standard Rape Is Love cliche, Wiki owner and admin Fast Eddie explained that all tropes related to rape had been wiped off the site because it was getting the site “in trouble with Google.” Apparently that meant any trope containing the word “rape” had to go…

…Either Google brought down the content policy hammer or the admins simply decided it wasn’t a battle worth fighting. When Fast Eddie noted the deletion of the trope page, he added, “There is no explanation needed beyond the fact that the topic is a pain in the ass to keep clean and it endangers the wiki’s revenues. We just won’t have articles about rape. Super easy. No big loss.”

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    Thanks to this article and others like it, Fast Eddie did a reversal and reinstated the rape-related tropes at TV...
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    What Ben said.
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    TVtropes seems to have changed their plans?
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    Not for nothing, but you should read this thread (it’s a LOOOOOONG thread):...
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    Maybe we should write to google.
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    It’s a little bit depressing that this does not surprise me at all, coming out of tvtropes. It’s awful and it’s...
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    But… but those were my favourites…
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    Thank god. I watched those pages to know what media to avoid! That’s good information to have!
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    Luckily, it seems TVTropes is backpedalling already. Shit moves fast when the internet gets pissed.
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    I am confused reading through the notes. Are people actually upset that the pages are being restored? Seriously? You...
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    Hey, remember when Google’s motto was “don’t be evil”? Yeah, me neither.
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    A comment on the page: (user: Juliana Brown) As a TVTropes user who has been following this situation from the...
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    Because getting rid of info about a problem has ever resolved anything.
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